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We are more than just a brand we are the embodiment of nature's purity and the epitome of healthful indulgence. Rooted in our passion for delivering the finest organic fruit juices, Mr.Patel is committed to redefining refreshment with every sip.


RYNA was born from a desire to offer more than just beverages – to provide a sip of nature’s pure goodness. Our founders, inspired by the bountiful orchards of India, set out on a mission to create a juice that truly embodies the richness of the land. Guided by our roots and a dedication to wholesome indulgence, RYNA emerged as a tribute to nature’s generosity.



Taj Indian, you can easily get supreme quality and best Indian beer in Poland at reasonable charges. We provide a variety of top-quality beers including Lager beer, Wheat beer, Stout beer, etc. For further instance check out the below –



Discover the epitome of quality and taste with our exquisite selection of Indian beers, now available in Poland at affordable prices. Indulge in the rich diversity of flavors, from Lager beer to Wheat beer and Stout beer, Cheers to exceptional taste and unbeatable value! 

About Us


Mr. Patel Group specializes in the meticulous procurement and distribution of high-quality beverages, namely RYNA Juices and TAJ INDIAN Beers and Wines, in substantial quantities. With a keen focus on facilitating businesses in the food and beverages industry, our services cater to a diverse range of establishments including cafes, takeaways, and restaurants. Whether you’re running a bustling cafe, a popular takeaway joint, or an elegant restaurant, our comprehensive offerings are tailored to meet your bulk requirements effectively. Our expertise lies in streamlining the process of buying and selling, ensuring seamless transactions and timely deliveries. Partnering with us guarantees access to top-notch beverages that enhance the offerings of your establishment, adding a touch of excellence to your menu and delighting your customers. Elevate your business with Mr. Patel Group and experience the difference quality beverages can make.

Hello there! I’m Mr. Patel, the driving force behind Mr. Patel Group, your dedicated food wholesaler. At the heart of our mission is a deep passion for ensuring that restaurants and caterers receive only the freshest and finest ingredients in the realm of Food & Beverages.

We believe that great meals start with exceptional ingredients, and we are committed to being the reliable source that chefs and food enthusiasts can count on. From succulent burgers 🍔 to delectable pizzas 🍕 and crisp, farm-fresh broccoli 🥦, we understand the art of culinary perfection.

Our journey is more than just a business; it’s a culinary adventure. We thrive on the joy of bringing delectable flavors to plates everywhere. We savor the moments when our carefully sourced ingredients transform into delightful dishes, bringing smiles and satisfaction to those who indulge.

Join us in our culinary escapade, and let’s create delicious food together. With Mr. Patel Group, every meal becomes a masterpiece, every bite a celebration. Here’s to loving life, one delicious bite at a time!” 🍽️🌟

Mr. Patel Group stands as a prominent food wholesaler, specializing in the acquisition of vast quantities of food and beverage products directly from manufacturers and distributors. Our core operation involves the meticulous procurement of a wide array of culinary delights, ranging from fresh produce to gourmet beverages.

Our dedicated team meticulously evaluates each product, ensuring it adheres to the highest standards of quality and freshness. By leveraging our industry expertise, we offer tailored solutions to businesses, enhancing their offerings and driving customer satisfaction.

At Mr. Patel Group, we pride ourselves not only on the volume we provide but also on the integrity and transparency that underpin every transaction. With us, businesses can confidently source their inventory, secure in the knowledge that they are receiving top-notch products from a trusted wholesaler. Partner with us, and experience the convenience and assurance of a seamless supply chain solution tailored to elevate your business to new heights.”

Mr. Patel® stands proudly as one of Europe’s premier food companies, a beacon of excellence in the realm of culinary experiences. As a leading Food & Beverages service distributor, we are dedicated to fostering success for approximately Food & Beverages service operators across the continent.

In addition to our exceptional product range, we offer a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions, seamlessly integrating technology with culinary artistry. Our digital platforms empower businesses, making procurement efficient and effortless.

At Mr. Patel®, we don’t just distribute food; we deliver culinary inspiration. We are the driving force behind the success stories of restaurants and Food & Beverages service operators. Join hands with us, and let’s redefine the culinary landscape together.” 🍽️🌍